About Face!

Shoot. I mean "About Chase!" -- where's the undo on this thing Siri question mark

This is a tricky page to write. What do I put for my About Me page?
If I took a Myers-Briggs test, I'd be classified as an INFP. An Idealist and a deep feeler, I see the world as it could be, not how it is. I'm dedicated and hard-working and super creative if my work aligns with my values.
If I took an Enneagram test, you'd see that I'm a 4w5- the individualist who is creative, honest, and personal. I thrive on being able to be creative and authentic, aware and in tune with others.
My favorite subject growing up was Science. 
In third grade, I stained the laundry room sink a light shade of pink because I was messing around with iodine crystals- and the magic and wonder of the world around us hasn't left my paradigm since.
In college, I studied civil engineering, which taught me creative problem solving and analytic design. I learned we need to design in alignment with the natural world, not against it. This theme continued in grad school, where I studied building science. Studying and analyzing the variables to inform design can be good for people, planet, and profit. I think this is true with the best design - it resonates deeply, impacts lives, and benefits everyone.
Since my earliest memories, I've always been the creative type.
I was in music and art class non-stop. In high school, I graduated with eleven times the amount of fine arts credits that were required of me. I've almost always had some sort of camera in my backpack (thanks, Mom and Dad, for the never ending supply of disposable cameras). I would doodle in every class and build little worlds in my head when I got home.
The truth is, I didn't have a "dream job" or know what I wanted to do when I grew up- but from my earliest memories, I've always created and I've always designed. That's what I'm passionate about and that's what I want to spend my waking hours doing. And I'm super passionate about spending my sleeping hours sleeping.

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